Movement as a Lifestyle

How to stop being lazy, moping and increase your vitality?

Movement is something more varied than just loading your muscles for the purpose of burning extra calories (this is an understandable undeniable fact).
Movement can be understood as a set of physical actions.
The action should contribute to the performance of some work.
And the work should lead to concrete creative results.

A simple example: you ride your bike to the store.
The result: load on the muscles, some fat burned, and the family provided with groceries.
Isn’t it a creative activity?
You say it’s obvious!
Yes, maybe. Do you do it twice a year?
And try doing it twice a week.
You will be pleasantly surprised by the result.

Why make so much fuss over a simple thing?
And are you sure you can make things easier?
Yes, you can order everything, buy it and go to the gym.
Count calories and weigh yourself to the point of madness.
You’ll throw away some scales and buy others.
Okay, but it’s just the body.
It’s a very important part of us, but only a part.
What about brains?
Make intelligent movement a part of your daily life.

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