Healthy lifestyle, how is it?

How do you find a healthy lifestyle?

You must have read a lot about healthy living.
And have figured out that the concepts of “health” and “lifestyle” should be applied with great care, individually for each person.
Be especially careful to apply it to yourself.
Of course, they can be used separately, in any combination. And then see what happens?
The ability to see and understand the results of such interactions should gradually lead to a Healthy Lifestyle.

The important thing is to understand yourself.
As a result, a person develops his own experience.
It is good that we are becoming various!

After fifty, the Lifestyle may look something like this:
morning, a cup of coffee, a car, work, fast food, evening, heavy dinner, a few short drinks, reality TV shows, a shower, bedtime …, morning again
And this is what the result looks like:
to drive only by car, delicious food, solid weight, saggy belly, panting when up the stairs, hard to tie your shoelaces, can’t button your favorite pants, lazy to walk the dog, cozy sofa, …
Do you recognize it?

And that is just laziness and false comfort.
It’s clear that proper nutrition, running, biking, fitness, and gym classes with a mentor can bring you back to a more interesting life. You will return to a healthy lifestyle.
So much has been written on this subject that life is not enough to read it all.
But whatever you do, it all comes down to moving.
Is that so?
Movement as a Lifestyle.

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