How to help overweight people?

Remarkably meticulous folks have gathered in our company. Understandably so, considering their high level of activity. They come to me with various questions. For example: How can overweight affect their lifestyle? Are there any studies on this topic, and what are the results? They insist that it’s important to them. They want to know what […]

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How I Stopped Ringing in Ears

Hello! My name is Olivia.I am about to be 40 years old.I will tell you how I was able to stop RINGING, BUZZING and other SOUNDS in MY EARS. I already tried to fight tinnitus year ago.It didn’t work out.The problems came back after a month. But I was always looking for something that would

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I Can Not Hear You, I Have Tinnitus

As I mentioned earlier, our company, it’s an association of not very young people. And, of course, a variety of age-related problems arise.Somehow, someone once remarked that the only way to live long is to grow old. And most people believed it! But our commonwealth has just come together to oppose this lousy slogan. Aging,

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Movement as a Lifestyle

How to stop being lazy, moping and increase your vitality? Movement is something more varied than just loading your muscles for the purpose of burning extra calories (this is an understandable undeniable fact).Movement can be understood as a set of physical actions.The action should contribute to the performance of some work.And the work should lead

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Healthy lifestyle, how is it?

How do you find a healthy lifestyle? Hello!You must have read a lot about healthy living.And have figured out that the concepts of “health” and “lifestyle” should be applied with great care, individually for each person.Be especially careful to apply it to yourself.Of course, they can be used separately, in any combination. And then see

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