What Helped Me Create a DIY Bunk Bed Plan?

In one post, I shared a story about how to build a bunk bed for my grandchildren with my own hands.
It turned out to be long and not very informative.
Here, I’ll briefly describe what helped me make DIY bunk bed plan and build bed.


So what helped me?

I purchased the Woodworking Project Collection for DIY construction.
It is “Ted’s Woodworking” collection with over 16,000 woodworking plans.

How do I rate the purchase?


– More than 16,000 plans for various woodworking projects;
– There is something for everyone here.

Quality of plans

– Plans with detailed drawings and step-by-step instructions;
– Material lists, precise cutting patterns, and tools;
– It is clear what the product will look like.

Ease of use

– The plans are organized by category;
– There are more than 100 categories.


– Not the cheapest but reasonable considering the excellent quality.

I Like

– Completed projects with full documentation;
– The construction process is clear from start to finish;
– It is suitable for beginners;
– 200 pages of woodworking manual,
– 150 woodworking training videos.

I Don't Like

– The search for plans could have been better organized;
– There are minor “defects” in projects;
– Additional media are not up to date.

What problems did this purchase solve?

The main thing for me was to learn the basics of working with wood.
I got a knowledge base on woodworking.
I have learned to:
• understand drawings,
• make connections of any complexity,
• understand material cutting patterns,
• understand the construction process from beginning to completion,
• create plans on my own.
Today, I can make almost any construction out of wood myself.
The “Ted’s Woodworking” collection still teaches me today.

All about Price

Retail price: $297

Time-limited Offer Price: $67

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

There is an additional notice:
“Do note this is a time-limited launch offer. We reserve the right to end the promotional price anytime without warning.”

How the Project Collection can help you

The idea for making a bunk beds came from my daughter. She has two boys and little space in her playroom. I figured I could turn this idea into a real bed.

When I was looking for a solution, I was faced with the problem of choosing a project. The variety of offers surprised me: bunk beds, loft beds, floating beds, murphy beds, built bed and so on.
The final choice was influenced by: clear examples of drawings, the age of the site and various reviews.
The site is old and is still being actively praised and scolded. The site has not lost its relevance – it is still in demand today.

I was right in choosing the site, or maybe I was just lucky.
I was able to build a bunk bed in 4 weeks. I was very afraid that I would find myself in the situation of an “eternal builder”. But no! The project was complete and I, as a beginner, understood it.
The grandchildren’s joy knew no bounds! They built a “double-deck ship” out of this bed.

Who would benefit from this Collection of Woodworking Projects?

Now I can say that the plans are exactly suitable for beginners and those who like to make woodworking projects with their own hands.
Will it be useful for professionals? I’m guessing it’s “Yes.” But I don’t know for sure. I’m still a beginner.

How did I draw my bunk bed plan?

I was able to create my own plan thanks to these 16,000 Woodworking Plans.
I used this Project Collection as a knowledge base.
The drawing shows a sketch of my bunk bed.

After I thoroughly studied several projects from the Ted’s Woodworking collection and:
 understood the principles of building wooden products;
how to connect structural elements to each other;
learned to understand and create blueprints myself. (thanks “Ted”)

1.  I chose a few beds that I liked. (Google search)
2.  Based on them, I sketched my bed. (I set the main dimensions and decided on the materials.)
3.  I drew a set of drawings in about a week. (General assembly, structural elements, material cutting, joint units.)
4.  He described the sequence of making parts and assembling the bed. (But then I changed it more than once.)

You can learn more about the collection at Ted’s Woodworking if you wish.

What did I particularly like about these 16,000 woodworking plans?

I will highlight only the most important thing (there are many more):

a) clear and concise plans – I got an idea of the product from all sides;
b) Very detailed drawings with dimensions and symbols – this helped me understand the manufacturing process;
c) the connections of the elements are clearly shown – I did not have to guess how to connect them correctly;
d) there are lists of materials, cutting patterns, and tools – I did not buy too much, which saved money;
e) simple step-by-step instructions – as a beginner, I understood how to consistently produce part by part and put everything together.
And the cool thing is that all this made it possible to imagine the future product even before construction.

I also found several drawbacks.
Some simple plans might not have cut the material.
Or the instruction is written slightly “clumsy”.
But these are isolated cases. With so many plans, errors are inevitable.

In addition to the Project Collection, several bonuses are available.

1) Complete Woodworking Guide.
Detailed drawings, diagrams, descriptions, recommendations, and explanations, all on 200 pages.
I can’t estimate how complete it is, but what the basics of woodworking contain is accurate.
I often ask him for help.

2) 150 training videos on woodworking.
Step-by-step video tutorials for learning how to work with wood.
For me, this is a quick and effective method of learning.

3) DWG/CAD Plan Viewer
For viewing and editing DWG/CAD files.
It’s possibly used to create your own woodworking plans.

4) How to start a woodworking business
They write that this is a step-by-step guide to making money selling products.
Quite an impressive guide with a comprehensive approach to the topic. I can’t comment until I’ve studied it.

How can you use this Collection of Woodworking Projects?

For example, you need to build something specific.
– You choose the appropriate category.
– In the category, you are looking for a product project that you want to build with your own hands.
– You understand drawings, cutting materials, and instructions.

– It is useful to sketch the product yourself for a better idea of the final result.
– Make sure you have all the materials and tools you need.
– Then follow the instructions to build the product step by step.

Another option is for those who want to learn more about woodwork and perhaps make it their hobby.
You can use this Project Collection as a knowledge base on woodworking, and as a reference book.

Using examples of projects, you will analyze wood processing technology, materials, and tools.
Learn how to professionally draw up plans, drawings, and cut materials.
And then, enjoy the hand-made products.

Or you can turn your passion for woodworking into an income.
Take orders, and use the Woodworking Projects Collection with 16,000 plans to complete them.

A little about reviews.

I wrote above that the decision to purchase this Collection of Projects was influenced, among other things, by the abundance of reviews.
When I read a review, I often get the feeling that it’s an advertisement.
And it does not matter whether the product is scolded in this review or praised. And in the end, you see it as an offer to look at the product (and buy it).
And what’s also a shame.
Negative reviews often contain gross contradictions in the description, and sometimes just plain nonsense. And thus, they cause mistrust.
But a correct negative review is always valuable.

Over so many years of sales of this Collection, there have been many positive and negative reviews.
I read in negative reviews: “It’s a scam …”, “… a scam to get your money”, “… a rip-off scam at worst”, “… it seems like a scam.” And so on.
It’s kind of weird. Does it seem to me that the term “scam” might have a legal meaning?

So why has this product been on sale for so many years?

I won’t link directly to reviews I’ve read (at least that’s silly). You will find them on well-known resources such as Trustpilot, Quora, and so on. Or enter a query on Google.

At Ted’s Woodworking, you can learn more about the collection of 16,000 woodworking plans.

You may consider the text below as a “Disclaimer”.
But in my opinion, it is reminder that two people cannot have the same opinion about the same object or event.
Of course, only you can determine whether you need this product or not.
Here I express my opinion and share my experience.
We’re all different, and that’s great!

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