A hobby can bring you back slimness

A story about how a hobby can do “miracles” to a person. (Part 1)

I’m going to share an event with you. Of course, you can’t call it a “miracle”, but it’s quite bright.
You can’t pass by; it catches your eye.

Our group of friends includes Grace, a cute mother of three.
It has changed significantly in about six months. She became slimmer and more movable. And it’s not like it used to be very complete, no. Perhaps she was overweight, but this happens to many people, at different points in life.
She is naturally a humorous person.
And to the question, “Where did you put your sides? How did you lose weight”. She laughed and replied, “I burn a little bit of my fat every night when I cook dinner”.
Our female half began to fantasize about new diets for weight loss. She laughed that diets are most effective for patients.

You know a woman will always find something in her body.
She can always find something extra. Or decide that something is missing.
And she’ll start trying to change that persistently.
Then, of course, she’ll think about whether this is necessary.

Just for illustration. Changed from the painting by Morgan Westling Reflections. (www.thecollectionshop.com)

I have already mentioned that our circle of friends, this community, is no longer young people. We are united by an active lifestyle. And what’s so special about that? Running, biking, exercising in a gym, and similar various movements.

Yes, that’s right, but there’s also a difference. We want the movements we’re constantly creating to be at least a little bit sensible. They brought concrete creative results.
One such intelligent movement is a hobby. A hobby will not give you peace of mind, it will make you move constantly.

Our pretty mother of three children is a very nice person in every sense. Never discouraged, always bright and expressive look. She has been raising children alone for five years. I have to work hard.
And her job, in my opinion, is boring and not creative at all. She inserts endless numbers into some huge tables. Many beautiful curves should appear on the monitor.
You can’t make a mistake; you can get fired.
I once asked how many numbers does she enter per working day?
The answer was clear — to the point of pain in the hands.

Three kids need constant attention.
The eldest boy is in his third year in elementary school, the youngest is in kindergarten. And the swarthy girl, with a charming smile and cunning dimples on her cheeks, has just started elementary school.
A variety of duties and movements is guaranteed.
Isn’t this an intellectual movement with a specific creative result?
Yes, that’s the way it is.

It is clear that a person with such a load does not always have time to rest, gain strength, and devote enough time to himself. At our periodic meetings, she often looked tired, and her eyes showed concern.
We offered her help, but she thanked us and joked. She laughed that if the donkey stopped carrying weights, he would get even fatter. And she is happy with her weight at the moment.

But gradually, something began to change about her appearance.
We noticed that her face had changed as if to look younger. The smile became even brighter, with a laugh in the corners of her lips. The stooped is gone, and the figure is slim and fit.
The new dress with cheerful colorful flowers only accentuated her figure. And the movements have become more dynamic and attractive.

Someone said he noticed this a couple of months ago. Some have claimed that this happened much earlier. They began to ask what has changed in her difficult life. No one really knew anything, only speculation.
If she had a boyfriend, she would bring him to our meetings. But a few years ago, she spoke in the spirit of a well-known saying, “She doesn’t want to kiss toads anymore”.

And then one thing happened.
We sometimes get together to enjoy the culinary discoveries of someone in our social circle.
In a simple way, we arrange a joint tasting of a new dish.

Our humble Olivia decided, this time, to surprise us with rolls and sushi.
She promised we wouldn’t go hungry. She planned to treat us to twenty (!) with different options. And she emphasized that half is her own imagination.

That delicious evening was approaching.
And suddenly Olivia started calling everyone with one question. Don’t we have any dishes to put her special rolls in?
She knows where to put part of the rolls and how to decorate it. But there are fifty pieces that can only be served on glass, ceramics, and the like.

I suggested buying ceramic tiles for walls. But my offer was rejected.
I was “upset” and stopped participating in the hustle and bustle of women.

The intrigue was ahead.

(To be continued)

Small clarification.
All names in this post have been changed. If there are any coincidences, is purely coincidental.

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