How I Stopped Ringing in Ears

Hello! My name is Olivia.
I am about to be 40 years old.
I will tell you how I was able to stop RINGING, BUZZING
and other SOUNDS in MY EARS.

I already tried to fight tinnitus year ago.
It didn’t work out.
The problems came back after a month.

But I was always looking for something that would help me reduce the ringing in my ears.
And I found a new product – NeuroRise

What exactly hooked me?

The description says that this is a natural supplement for supporting healthy hearing and maintaining mental sharpness.
The NeuroRise is using only pure plant ingredients and natural minerals.

I was NOT OFFERED a quick and final get rid of my problems.
And that’s good, such proposals cannot be true.

What did that give me in the end?

1. I understood how to get rid of the ringing, buzzing, hissing, and similar sounds in my ears.
2. Now I can hear more clearly what is happening around me.
3. This supports my excellent hearing and reduces the possibility of my tinnitus returning.
4. Gives me hope that age-related hearing changes will affect me less.

Why did I buy it and at what price?

I am very tired of ringing and buzzing in my ears.
So I decided to try this new product.
I know for sureif you don’t try it, you won’t know. Someone else’s experience is always someone else’s because we’re all different.

I bought a set of 3 bottles for $177 ($59 for one bottle).
This kit is for 90 days of use.
Here is a price comparison table:
Bottles            1         3          6
Day supply    30      90      180
Per Bottle    $69    $59      $49
Total              $69   $177    $294
Shipping free (3, 6 bottles)

My Results Using NeuroRise

I received my package on day 7. It was delivered to my doorstep as promised.

Stage 1.
I started taking NeuroRise two capsules in the morning on an empty stomach.
I accept the day, the second, the third day… No changes.
The first week, the second, and the third have passed. It is all the same.
The mood fell, sad and disappointing. I started to fantasize, about what could I buy with the money I spent.

Stage 2.
It was the fifth week.
In the morning, I suddenly realized that I had not woken up from ringing in the ears once today. He was not there yesterday either.
I lived without the extra sound in my ears for a couple more days.
I got hope.
But the ringing in my ears started again after a couple days. I was so upset and wanted to cry.

I pulled myself together and remembered that no one promised me positive results in a month.
There are no such  promises on the NeuroRise website.

Stage 3.
Around the seventh week.
The ringing in my ears began to disappear for a few days.
Then it would start again.
But gradually the ringing in the ears returned less and less often.

And as a result of this:
– My head was able to rest more and more often.
I’m getting better sleep.
– I noticed that I was less likely to forget things.

Stage 4.
It happened in the tenth week.
Eventually, the ringing, buzzing, and other sounds in my ears stopped reappearing!
I continued to take NeuroRise but without sounds in my ears.
The full course lasted about 13 weeks.

I shared my experience with my doctor, just as he asked.
He was happy for me.
But he doubted that my tinnitus was gone forever.
It was then that I purchased another set of three bottles.

Summary of my positive experience

I purchased a set of 3 NeuroRise bottles. 90-day supply. Paid $177.

1. The first few weeks did not produce any results.

2. And only in the fifth week the ringing in my ears disappeared for the first time. But then it resumed.

3. Around the seventh week, ringing in my ears began to disappear for several days.

4. Since the tenth week, the ringing in my ears, buzzing, etc. has disappeared.

Was I able to get rid of tinnitus forever?
I don’t know. And no one knows.

I am not encouraging anyone to do it exactly the way I did.
My results may be not repeated in other people.
We are all different, and everyone can have their result.

But I do know that if you don’t try, you won’t get results.
You will not get an answer to the question. How to stop ringing in your ears?

Some of my opinion.
At the beginning of this post, I mentioned my negative experience of fighting ringing in my ears. I was outraged at the time.
And I didn’t understand that there is no “miracle” that helps everyone in the same way.
I won’t name it. It’s not bad or good – it just wasn’t for me.

I know a man who also had problems with different sounds in his ears.
He was able to get rid of them too. But another natural supplement helped him.

So, I already know three different products that can provide tinnitus relief.
And each one helps in its way.
It didn’t help you, but it helped someone else.
That’s the way it should be.

Rely only on yourself, on your experience.
Do something about it.

Some clarification of the post.
This post is written at my friends’ request.
My friends asked me to share my positive experience of getting rid of the ringing in my ears.

I’ve written above, but I’ll say it again.
I am not encouraging anyone to do it exactly the way I did.
My results may be not repeated in other people.
We are all different, and everyone can have their result.

Of course, I consulted my doctor before buying NeuroRise.
And I recommend you do so as well.
My experience cannot replace qualified medical advice.
And I know that no natural supplements can replace medical remedies.
But, of course, they can be helpers.
I made sure of that.

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