Make intelligent movement your way of life

In the option, buy everything and go to the gym, the brain performs a primitive function – it looks, evaluates and expresses dissatisfaction, either with itself or with body weight.
With age, the brain “overgrows with cobwebs.” It needs a constant load and is sure to be varied!
In addition, the brain needs to be praised periodically. It wants to get joy from the results of it’s activities, sometimes bragging.
The brain wants to live a full, diverse life until old age.

Running and cycling should be fun and varied, especially if you change routes.
And what kind of diversity could gym classes bring?
There are a certain set of shells, a given number of approaches, the same faces of colleagues, exhausted by the work of fighting a naughty body.
But it is known for sure that such classes really help to achieve the desired goal. There are many such people and they are well known.
But it’s a little bit boring!
There is a feeling of movement in a circle.
Work is being done, energy is generated and thrown somewhere, it simply disappears.

One of the options to keep the brain in a pleasant tension is to find your passion, hobby.
And creating something with your own hands is just great!
In the post ” How to build a bunk bed if you don’t know how?” tells how I built a bunk bed for grandchildren. And that eventually became my hobby.
The brain has a goal, work is done, and therefore there will be a result.
You will no longer want to be lazy, mope, feel sorry for yourself and constantly be dissatisfied (it is not clear what).
Your vitality will increase and, perhaps, you will lose excess calories and become slimmer.
How’s that option to you?
It sounds good, and this option is also possibly.

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